Luminaire ‘Alexia’ wins German Design Award

Sustainder’s smart luminaire Alexia has earned them a prestigious design award: the German Design Award 2018. Out of more than 5,000 entries in various categories, the jury chose the smart luminaire to be winner in the field of ‘Product Design’, category ‘Lighting’.

Design luminaire

Following the Anne, the Alexia is the second smart LED-luminaire that Sustainder has taken into production. The luminaires have been developed in collaboration with Rotterdam design agency Spark. The Alexia is characterized by its curves, sloping lines, friendly appearance and slim design. The Alexia can already be admired in various places in Germany and the Netherlands. Like all Sustainder luminaires, the Alexia is equipped with a unique cassette system that makes it possible to easily enhance the luminaire with the latest technology at a larger stage.

Alexia Winnaar Gda

“We are proud to have won a prestigious design award within a year. The culmination of a thought-out design process. The Alexia has an inconspicuous design, but if you watch closely you will notice it represents the next generation of luminaires.”

Niek de Jong, CEO Sustainder

“The lamp post might well be one of the most inconspicuous objects in public space. The fact that there is still a thought-out theory behind the design shows what’s gained with this award. Together with Sustainder we are now continuing our work on a recognizable family of smart luminaires.”

Koos Munneke, Spark Design & Innovation

Smart city hub

The energy sufficient LED-lighting is dimmable, contributing to energy saving and the reduction of CO2. The Alexia comes equipped with basic sensors enabling readings of, for instance, position, sloping, movement, lighting conditions and use. Using the future proof cassette, various sensors can be added onto the luminaires and they can serve as full-fledged smart city hubs down the road.

The jury is made up of design experts from various disciplines.

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is an important international prize of the German Design Council and was handed out for the first time in 2012. Its purpose: discovering, showcasing and honouring new design trends. Every year, top quality entries of product and communication designs are rewarded. Each standing out in its own remarkable way in the international design landscape. This year there were over 5,000 entries, of which nearly half consisted of product designs.