Sustainder at Smart City Expo Barcelona

Sustainder will be leaving for Barcelona to participate in the Smart City World Expo Congress from 13 until 16 November. This annual congress attracts over 17,000 international professionals who work for public and private organizations in more than 650 different cities.

Prior and during the event Sustainder will be part of the Holland Pavilion of the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), where the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven will also be presenting the Dutch Smart City Strategy. Besides positioning itself in the Netherlands, Sustainder also aspires international growth. Participating in the Smart City World Congress contributes to this aim.

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Sustainder will be part of the Holland Pavilion at this year’s Smart City World Expo Congress in Barcelona. Above: impression 2016.

Measuring sound with a luminaire

Sustainder will be giving substantive pitches to municipalities and market players engaged in the developments surrounding the Smart City. In addition to our range of smart, future-proof luminaires, we will also demonstrate the inclusion of Sorama’s advanced sound camera’s in our luminaires. Acoustic detectors and sensors are used to collect data on ambient noise. This data can be used to shorten the response time in the event of calamities, to detect noise pollution and to offer assistance more quickly in case of emergencies. With the aim of making public space safer and more habitable.

Also curious about our smart applications? We look forward to meeting you at the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona.