Smart luminaires remote controlled

Sustainder introduces Lighting App

Sustainder is launching its new Lighting App during the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The app has been developed to work with the company’s innovative Anne and Alexia luminaires and makes it easy to control them remotely without the need for a complete back-office system. The result is a fast, safe, easy and money-saving way to optimise public lighting at any time.

Sustainder luminaires are designed to be operated and managed remotely. With the Lighting App, instead of needing a back-office system, lighting administrators can adjust system settings or upload a new dimming schedule simply by using an app on a tablet. Every connected fixture can be configured and optimised, and this can be done remotely or on-site to cover one, more or all luminaires in a particular area. The app can also be used to dim and independently adjust the intensity of the four LED segments in the Anne luminaire.

An easy way to save energy and costs

Thanks to its versatile ease of use, the Sustainder Lighting App makes it even easier to contribute to a sustainable society. The use of dimming schedules and the ability to adjust luminaire brightness ensure there is always enough light when it is needed, without emitting unnecessary amounts of light at other times. This saves energy and so reduces costs. And the concept is secure, too, because access to the app is controlled by the owner of the luminaires.

Direct Control

The Lighting App also features a Direct Control function. This makes it possible to try out a different lighting configuration without losing the initial configuration. The new settings can be left in place for as long as the luminaire remains on or reset manually at any time. If the power to the luminaire is switched off, the luminaire returns to its earlier configuration.


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