Sustainder operating in 75 municipalities

Within a year, Sustainder has made public lighting in over 75 municipalities in the Netherlands and Germany smarter and more sustainable. In November Sustainder installed its smart luminaires Anne and Alexia in the 75th municipality. An important milestone in our ambition to improve the quality of city life.

Step towards smart lighting

More and more municipalities see the future of smart lighting and the development into the smart city nearing by leaps and bounds. Our futureproof solutions anticipate this transition. While many municipalities are primarily switching to LED-lighting and a smart operating system, they are increasingly choosing a futureproof solution. Sustainder’s luminaires offer these options, though are capable of so much more. All luminaires are modularly constructed and by default contain sensors that enable measuring, among other things, temperature, light sensitivity and energy use. By use of a smart cassette additional functionalities can easily be added where needed.

“There is a strong team behind Sustainder helping customers in the transition to smart, regardless of which phase the customer may be in. The combination with quality lighting and the provided flexibility is paying off.”

Niek de Jong, CEO Sustainder

Ready for the future

With our high-end smart led luminaires, municipalities have all of today’s smart lighting resources at their disposal. And right away they are prepared for the future. Without large financial risks, one can play into new possibilities. This way, we are creating a new, safe and healthy society with increasingly more municipalities.

Sustainder Duitsland

More than 75 municipalities have opted for Sustainder luminaires. Sustainder notes an ever-increasing market acceptance of smart lighting luminaires. Our luminaires have been placed in, for instance, the Dutch municipalities of Emmen, Breda, Rotterdam and the German cities Moers and Cochem. Sustainder aspires to become a major player in other countries as well.