Major merger in public lighting industry creates 'Sustainder'

New outdoor lighting brand Sustainder today announces its entry into the market for smart lighting and smart city solutions.

Sustainder is a dynamic player whose goal is to help its clients build a sustainable society using modern, future-­proof smart solutions with a stable Total Cost of Ownership. In this way, Sustainder will lead the way to shift from traditional public lighting solutions to smart outdoor concepts.

Cutting-­edge innovation and advanced production

Netherlands-­based Sustainder combines the production capacity of a former Philips lighting plant in Emmen, with Dazzletek, a leader in wireless intelligent lighting control based in Breda. Sustainder’s assets include expert staff, in-­depth know-­how, a solid customer base and a sustainable production process that will help it to make a difference in the public lighting market.

“These are very important fundamentals to fulfill our ambition to build advanced, high quality luminaires that can unlock the benefits of smart cities”

Niek de Jong, CEO Sustainder

“Using today’s technology, we can integrate sensors into luminaires to create an open and innovative outdoor eco-­system that we can expand with a wide range of partners. We are proud to have been able to keep the luminaires plant in Emmen open and retain jobs in this region. By combining them with our Dazzletek resources that have in-­depth knowledge on sensors, outdoor lighting control options and high-­tech product development, we created Sustainder”.

Luminaires that suit future needs

Sustainder will start selling a portfolio of luminaires this October. These luminaires can be customized to client’s needs. Available in different designs and equipped with a state-of-the art wireless control system, Sustainder luminaires save energy, lower costs and reduce CO2 emissions. They are also easy to install and maintain, and so meet the demanding requirements of municipalities, innovation managers and others who are active in the public space. “Because the market is moving from traditional lighting to smart outdoor luminaires, Sustainder luminaires include as standard, flexible sensor options, that are built in before they leave the plant,” adds De Jong. “These sensors can measure temperature, pollution, noise, humidity and more, which means they are already equipped to meet and support future needs.”

Evolve an open, smart, outdoor eco-­system

As a fresh player in the market, Sustainder offers its clients a key benefit: an open and transparent technological eco-system. Thanks to this, software developers can add the platforms, smart city applications and open API’s to manage the city of the future, and so build new innovative health and public service applications for its inhabitants. Because Sustainder technology solutions are modular, there is no vendor lock-in. Sustainder already found partners in Eneco and Luminext working towards this open eco-system. This will guarantee that Sustainder’s solutions will work seamlessly with Luminext’s market leading control and asset management platform, Luminizer. Sustainder and Eneco have a joined ambiton to create a smart outdoor eco-system enabling cities to become smart cities.

Ambition that reaches over the border

In this fast-­changing world, Sustainder aims to play an innovative role in delivering smart, future-­proof LED luminaires along with smart outdoor solutions and services. This ambition extends beyond the Dutch market and Sustainder has advanced plans to enter other markets in Europe and beyond.