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Böblingen (DE)

Sustainder integrated motion sensors

Energy savings of 75%

Improved safety for night-shift workers


How we help the customer

The Otto-Lilienthal- Straße is the trunk road on the intra-urban business park in Böblingen (Germany). A large number of companies are located here. Some work in day shifts, others apply a 3-shift schedule. Due to this, it’s important that sufficient lighting is available in the evening and at night, to guarantee safety and proper visibility.

In order to provide the necessary lighting as efficiently as possible, the Municipality of Böblingen has chosen to replace the existing, outdated luminaires with Sustainder’s Alexia luminaires, provided with motion detection. The motion sensors are operational from midnight to 7am. Between these hours the lights are constantly on, at a reduced brightness of 25W. When motion is detected, the lighting switches to its full 65W for 3 minutes. This results into energy savings of around 75% and minimises the light nuisance.