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In the spotlight

Hengelo (NL)

3.100+ conventional luminaires replaced.

950+ integrated motion sensors.

75% realised energy savings.

Saving of 264 MWh per year.

Saving of  171 tonnes CO₂ per year.


How we help the customer

The municipality Hengelo has decided in 2018 to start replacing all of its public lighting with Sustainder luminaires. The plan is to replace all of the 14.000 luminaires in residential areas before 2026 with Sustainder Anne luminaires.

Hengelo is a medium sized municipality in the eastern part of the Netherlands, and has a strong tradition of innovation. The public lighting department of Hengelo was one of the first Dutch municipalities to start with LED and have continued in that tradition to be the frontrunner with public lighting in many ways.

To make the public lighting as comfortable as possible for both inhabitants, but also for nature, all luminaires are equipped with motion detection. The luminaires are equipped with a dimming scheme but dim down to 10% if no traffic or passengers are detected on the streets.

Our motion sensor report clearly shows their annual savings in kWh and CO₂ reduction per residential area of over 90% compared to standard LED lighting.