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In the spotlight

Hilversum (NL)

Using luminaires are Smart City infrastructure.

Particulate Matter (PM₂.₅ and PM₁₀) measurements.

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) measurements.


How we help the customer

Sustainder has installed the first sensors in Hilversum (the Netherlands) to measure local particulate matters with smart city luminaires. The new ‘air quality cassettes’ are provided with sensors for measuring real-time particulate matters and nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the public environment.

Late 2018 Sustainder already installed smart luminaires with dynamic lighting in the project area as a part of the Hilversum’s ‘Media Mile’. Adding this air quality measurement solution fits the ambitions of the municipality of Hilversum to further ‘smarten’ the public environment. The available public lighting infrastructure and connectivity make luminaires ideal objects to create a fine-meshed network of measuring stations. The air quality cassettes are available for the Alexia smart luminaires and soon also for Anne luminaires. This solution shows how Sustainder is prepared for the modular future of fixed, smart-city infrastructure.

Collaboration with RIVM

The development of the air quality cassettes is part of a close collaboration with the RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment). Together with citizens and companies, the RIVM has launched an innovation program to supplement the National Air Quality Monitoring Network with, among other things, sensor data. The aim is to get a real-time, comprehensive insight into the Dutch air quality. The Sustainder sensors are connected to the RIVM data portal.