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Plön (DE)

Alexia luminaires of  7.000 lumen

Future proof technology


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In the German town of Plön, located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, funds have been raised to replace the outdated street lighting. The city Plön has opted for Sustainder’s Alexia luminaires, with a light intensity of 7,000 lumen, for the illumination of trunk roads.

The original plan only included the replacement of the outdated luminaires by new ones based on LED lighting, without the addition of smart city applications. Although this need does not exist at the moment, it may arise in the future and therefore, Sustainder’s Alexia luminaires have been chosen. These luminaires are standardly provided with a number of basic functionalities that contribute to an easy installation, low maintenance costs, and a long service life. Thanks to the smart cassette system, Alexia luminaires can easily be expanded with different sensors. The modular construction and open architecture ensure that the illumination of federal trunk roads is ready for future developments today.