Sustainder joins Smart City COCKPIT

[ui!] The Urban Institute, which specializes in innovative and affordable "Smart City" solutions and services, has added Sustainder’s smart lighting capabilities to its integrated Smart City COCKPIT.

The resulting smart dashboard integrates various urban data streams about the local environment. These data streams originate from Sustainder smart lighting solutions and other third party sources. This data is then visualized in real time as the "Pulse of a City".

Dashbord Smart City Cockpit
The Smart City COCKPIT Dashboard

Adding Sustainder innovation to the Smart City COCKPIT means this can now be used to manage smart lighting networks and cut power-use to reduce costs. The COCKPIT can also now be used to measure air quality and noise pollution via Sustainder smart luminaires. “We are looking forward to further developments, because for municipalities all over the globe, this is a great tool to realize ambitious smart city objectives,” says Frank Wolfgramm, Director Sales at Sustainder Germany.

At Sustainder, we see the lighting network as the central hub for the smart city. In a fast-changing world, it is vital to offer future-proof solutions. All Sustainder luminaires are therefore based on a modular open concept to which new applications can be added. The modular design concept includes basic sensor technologies that make it possible to measure temperature, light sensitivity and energy use, among other things.

By working with third parties, we can both achieve optimal results for our customers worldwide and help to build a sustainable, safe, and healthy society.