Sustainder sets foot in the CEE region with future-proof LED

Following the Netherlands and Germany, Sustainder is expanding its product and service offering into Central and Eastern Europe, starting with a large-scale smart lighting project in Kladno, the Czech Republic.

The project involves the installation of Sustainder’s Anne and Alexia high-quality intelligent LED luminaires and is being carried out with a strong local partner, active in the CEE region, to ensure a solid market approach.

“In addition to the municipality of Kladno, there is a great need for future-proof solutions in this region. Our local partner knows the market very well and offers support in the transition to smart. Thanks to a unique cassette system, connectivity and open architecture, the Sustainder luminaires are already ready for future developments," said Niek de Jong, CEO of Sustainder.

Future-proof solutions

Sustainder luminaires are widely applicable and can be linked online to any local back office system via an API, which allows them to be controlled and monitored remotely. All luminaires are based on a modular design concept and include basic sensor technologies that make it possible to measure temperature, light sensitivity, and energy use, among other things. In this way, Sustainder is helping to build a sustainable, safe, and healthy society.

Sustainder’s modular concept provides an appealing proposition for municipalities that want to move into smart city solutions. This makes Sustainder the perfect party with which to start the discussion about replacement, sustainability and smart public lighting, and about future-proof solutions and smart city ambitions. With its entry into the CEE region, Sustainder is strengthening its international ambitions and objective to be among the top five market players.