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our mission

The transformation from lighting network to sustainable, smart city hub starts now.

It starts with light

Imagine what all the light masts in your city could do if they had the same senses you do. The hear the sounds around them, see the traffic situation and smell the quality of the air. And suppose that all those light masts could share those data with you, so that you could respond proactively as a city, to achieve a more sustainable, more pleasant city.

It starts with light. Now, light masts can do much more than just drive away the darkness. Our efficient smart lighting fixtures are your ears, eyes and nose in the city, everywhere and all the time.

The future starts now

Our sustainable LED light fixtures are the embodiment of our vision of smart cities of the future. We implement the smart technology in the existing infrastructure, in a circular but future-proof way. In doing so, we combat light nuisance, save energy and make cities safer.

Sustainder in the media

The power of Sustainder

Easy maintenance

The cassette, including electronics, makes maintenance and installation very easy, so no tools are required.


Our light fixtures have a unique design, and the standard energy-efficient LED lighting guarantees a long service life.

Made in Holland

The light fixtures are made in our own light fixtures factory in the Netherlands. In this way, we guarantee top quality that meets the prescribed quality marks and the specific wishes of you as a customer.


Prepared for the smart city of the future thanks to the modular cassette from Sustainder.

100% Open

We believe in fully open technology to enable the city of the future through open hardware (24V/230V), an open API and standards.

Easy to install

Configuration is automatic, and you will always be informed by error messages.

Updates and Roadmap

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Open positions

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