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Diensten - Bi-color

It starts with light.

The ‘Bi-color’ service allows you to switch between color temperatures. As standard, the Sustainder luminaires are equipped with the most energy efficient LEDs (increasing in color temperature from 2200K to 5700K). The ‘Bi-color‘ service allows you to make combinations between two color temperatures. This change of color temperature is possible in a time-controlled manner, but can also be used in combination with motion sensors so that a color change takes place when motion is detected.

Interesting solutions for a colleague

Sustainder facilitates the transformation of the public lighting network into a sustainable, future-proof and smart infrastructure. We believe that the existing infrastructure of public lighting has ideal properties to act as a carrier of a smart city network. Think of the fine mesh level of the network, the presence of power connection and the ideal height for sensor and communication applications. We therefore believe that many other disciplines within the government should have access to this high-quality network. In the following five themes, we describe how other stakeholders can also have an interest in the transition to a sustainable, future-proof and smart infrastructure.