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Camera surveillance

Diensten - Cameratoezicht

It starts with light.

The Sustainder Observer offers an integrated outdoor camera solution for both the Anne and the Alexia luminaires. In combination with the Camera Surveillance service, it is possible to view the video images in real time. This provides a clear overview of the current situation around the luminaire and can be useful for monitoring periodic events (e.g. sports events, hangouts, etc.).

It is also possible to download the videos from a desired time period, given that these are stored for 3-5 days. As a result, the time frame around the time when a criminal event took place (e.g. theft, vandalism, riots, etc.) can be played and evidence can be collected.


Interesting solutions for a colleague

Sustainder facilitates the transformation of the public lighting network into a sustainable, future-proof and smart infrastructure. We believe that the existing infrastructure of public lighting has ideal properties to act as a carrier of a smart city network. Think of the fine mesh level of the network, the presence of power connection and the ideal height for sensor and communication applications. We therefore believe that many other disciplines within the government should have access to this high-quality network. In the following five themes, we describe how other stakeholders can also have an interest in the transition to a sustainable, future-proof and smart infrastructure.