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Motion detection

Diensten - Bewegingsdetectie

It starts with light.

The Sustainder luminaires Anne, Alexia and Aspira are designed to be able to use different sensors. The ‘Motion sensors’ service makes it very easy to reduce the energy consumption and CO₂ emissions of your area and to minimise light pollution. You will also gain insight into current traffic insights on the route in question. The installation can be fully optimised for local conditions in terms of lumen output, switching times and sub-segmentation of the route carried out with sensors.


Interesting solutions for a colleague

Sustainder facilitates the transformation of the public lighting network into a sustainable, future-proof and smart infrastructure. We believe that the existing infrastructure of public lighting has ideal properties to act as a carrier of a smart city network. Think of the fine mesh level of the network, the presence of power connection and the ideal height for sensor and communication applications. We therefore believe that many other disciplines within the government should have access to this high-quality network. In the following five themes, we describe how other stakeholders can also have an interest in the transition to a sustainable, future-proof and smart infrastructure.