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Get more grip with GRIP

Using our in-house developed GRIP platform, you can quickly and easily configure and manage your luminaires.

1 View product data
2 Configure & adjust light settings temporarily
3 Set dimming schemes
4 Receive sensor data

How does it work?

Simple configuration Easy to use Adjust dimming schemes Proactive warning messages

Our luminaires automatically configure as follows:

  1. The gateway (integrated in the cassette for communication with the cloud up to 250 fixtures) logs itself on as soon as it is installed.
  2. Surrounding luminaires automatically log on to the location’s correct GPS position and lighting settings.
  3. Important luminaire settings and data are stored in GRIP for maintenance.
  4. New luminaires added or replaced automatically appear in GRIP with associated location settings.

All of our fixtures are easy to use through the GRIP platform.

  1. Easily select one or more luminaires in a street or district.
  2. Set the light percentage or power (Watts) per lamp, group and even per side (most luminaires have 4 light sides)

Having the right dimming schemes for each area in a municipality is essential.

  1. Set dimming schedules for your luminaires based on standardized schemes or create your own scheme that is even more energy efficient.
  2. Use the Sustainder ‘Watchlight‘ dimming schedule and achieve savings of up to 95% of your energy bill.

For safety in your municipality, it is crucial that all luminaires are functioning properly.

  1. In your own environment in the GRIP platform, you can easily filter for luminaires that have a misalignment or error message.
  2. You also receive notifications (via email) so you can proactively respond and resolve problems.