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The Aspira combines a classic design with all of today's smart lighting options. The unique feature of this pole-top luminaire is the possibility of an integrated motion sensor. This luminaire has been developed with our vision for the future, and, thanks to its modular structure and open architecture, it is ready today for tomorrow's developments.

The luminaire contains various standard sensors that contribute to easy installation, low maintenance costs and a long service life. Whoever installs the luminaire doesn't have to worry about it. The luminaire will configure itself when powered up for the first time. The Aspira luminaire also has our unique patented cassette system standard. Thanks to this cassette system, the luminaire can be easily expanded with various sensors.

Like the Anne and Alexia luminaire, the Sustainder Aspira luminaire is designed to be operated and managed remotely. Do you simply want to change brightness or upload a new dimming schedule? All this is easy to arrange with the Sustainder Lighting App. Ideal if you want to configure and optimise remotely.

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Average energy
and CO₂ reduction

The smartest pole-top luminaire in the Netherlands

This luminaire, which is based on energy-efficient LED technology, can be connected online to any (back office) system via an API and can therefore be controlled and monitored remotely. The luminaire contains various sensors that contribute to easy installation, low maintenance costs and a long service life.

The power of Sustainder

Easy maintenance

The cassette, including electronics, makes maintenance and installation very easy, so no tools are required.

Made in Holland

The luminaires are made in our own luminaire factory in the Netherlands. In this way, we guarantee top quality that meets the prescribed quality marks and the specific wishes of you as a customer.


Our luminaires have a unique design, and the standard energy-efficient LED lighting guarantees a long service life.


Prepared for the smart city of the future thanks to the modular cassette from Sustainder.

100% Open

We believe in fully open technology to enable the city of the future through open hardware (24V/230V), an open API and standards.

Easy to install

Configuration is automatic, and you will always be informed by error messages.


Configuration and management via the app or integrate with your management system

Sustainder App 
Manage your Sustainder luminaires and cassettes easily and orderly via the Sustainder App

The luminaires can be connected via an API and you can set up your platform to make the most of all the features of these smart luminaires.

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Discover the possibilities

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It starts with light

Everything you need to know

Sustainder luminaires are plug and play, and therefore very easy to install. Also see the following video.

The Sustainder Lighting App allows you to remotely adjust and read out all light settings, luminaire locations, energy consumption, dimming schedules and much more.

Sustainder luminaires are equipped with sensors so that they can indicate if they are malfunctioning and can even indicate tilting of the luminaires!

The Sustainder Lighting App is strictly protected and only the rightful owner of a luminaire can reach his or her luminaire after a two-factor authentication.

All Sustainder luminaires are equipped with our patented cassette system that allows you to add new technology and sensors in no time at all without replacing the lumianire.

On average, Sustainder luminaires save 85% energy and CO2 compared to conventional LEDluminaires. Sustainder luminaires are also completely circular thanks to our cassette system, and we minimise the impact of light pollution.


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The world is struggling with a major energy transition; we are part of the solution. Join us and implement the Sustainder Family in your network. Together, we can accelerate the energy transition while shaping the public lighting infrastructure. Can we count on you?