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Change your lighting network settings or upload a new dimming schedule fast? Configure and optimise a single luminaire or all those in a particular area? And do it either on-site or remotely? It’s all possible with the Sustainder Lighting App. Meet the smart, safe and cost-saving way to optimise your public lighting quickly and easily.

Do more and save energy

The Sustainder Anne and Alexia luminaires have been designed from the outset to be controlled and managed remotely. Now this feature has been made even easier with the Sustainder Lighting App. Changing and optimising settings has never been more straightforward, so contributing to a more sustainable society. By using dimming schedules and adjusting lighting intensity as appropriate, you can ensure your street lighting is bright at the times it needs to be, while saving energy and so reducing running costs during quiet hours.

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Safe and simple to use

The Sustainder Lighting App has been designed to be both simple and safe to use. Installation engineers and network managers can use the app to optimise luminaire settings, but it’s the network owner who decides who can access the luminaires.

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Brightness settings and dimming schemes

The app makes it easier than ever to configure lighting brightness and dimming schedules for one, more or all luminaires in an area. All you do is select them on a map. Even better, each of the four LED segments in the Sustainder Anne luminaire can be dimmed separately, which is extremely useful if a luminaire is annoying people by shining into their home or office.

Temporary changes with Direct Control

And if you want to adjust the settings temporarily without making them permanent, the app lets you do this too. Using Direct Control, you can see the brightness change as you adjust a luminaire’s settings in the app. These settings can be maintained for as long as the luminaire is powered up you, or you can reset them manually when you want. If the power to the luminaire is cut, it reverts to its original settings.

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