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Sustainder Anne

Sustainder is introducing a new generation of advanced LED lighting and luminaires. Developed from our vision of the future, their modular concept and open architecture make them ready now for whatever developments tomorrow will bring.

The Anne luminaire

Anne by Sustainder is an all-round, future-proof luminaire. Choosing this luminaire gives you all the current smart-lighting possibilities – and ensures you are prepared for future developments and opportunities. Via an API, this energy-saving LED luminaire can be connected online to any back-office or other system for remote control and monitoring. The luminaire comes equipped with various sensors that make installation simpler, reduce maintenance costs and extend service life. And thanks to a unique cassette system, it’s easy to extend Anne’s capabilities in the future, too. Just add new sensors to the cassette and turn Anne into an advanced, smart-city hub.

Sustainder Anne Side Cassette Uit 1600

Back-office connectivity

The Anne luminaire is exceptionally easy to control and manage via any back-office system for public lighting. Use an API to hook it up to your platform for immediate and optimum control.

Productfacts Anne En 190222

Anne features

  • Energy-saving LED technology reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Dimmable – including independent dimming of each LED unit (4 in total).
  • Constant light output (CLO) throughout full life of the LEDs (100,000 hours).
  • Cassette system supports addition of further sensors in the future.

Functionaliteiten Iconen En V2

Anne management and maintenance

Thanks to its open architecture, the Anne luminaire can be connected to all back-office systems, using an API. This in turn supports remote monitoring and control that lets you:

  • Configure each luminaire remotely after installation. 
  • Change configurations remotely. 
  • Map and monitor your installed base using GPS positioning. 
  • Monitor the performance of each luminaire remotely.
  • Measure the actual energy use of each luminaire.

Sustainder Green Village Delft 3


  • Urban areas: city centres, squares, parks and car parks.
  • Roads: through roads, roundabouts and cycle paths.
  • Residential areas: streets, shopping centres, cycle paths, footpaths, playgrounds and car parks.
  • Large sites: industrial parks, ports, airports and stations.

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