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Assen (NL)

Dimming based on measured traffic intensity.

Up to 26% savings on weekends compared to previous dimming scheme.

Up to 21% savings on weekdays compared to previous dimming scheme.

How we help the customer

In the municipality of Assen, Sustainder and Flitsmeister executed a pilot in which the smart street lighting is optimized based on up-to-date traffic data. This traffic data comes from Flitsmeister-app users who are travelling on the route on that moment. The aim is to use dynamic lighting to improve traffic flow as required, to promote traffic safety and to save energy.

On the Europaweg-Zuid, the light is dimmed or amplified at the moment it is necessary. This means more light when traffic is dense and less light when the road is quiet. Extra light can also be added in case a car stops or during emergency ambulance rides. These applications increase the safety of the people involved in an incident or people having to deal with an ambulance in traffic. The current dimming schedules are further optimised based on the traffic data. A first analysis of traffic data on this stretch shows that an adjustment of the current dimming schedule, adapted to the average traffic density, saves an average 25% in energy use and CO₂ emissions.


To realize this, the current dimming schemes were optimized based on historical traffic data. By comparing the actual traffic data with the existing dimming schedule, it was decided to adjust the dimming schedules, resulting in an average savings of 20-25% in energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. When the real-time traffic data shows that it is busier than average, the lighting is turned back up to the required light level.

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