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Campus Eemsdelta

Smart and sustainable Aspira fixtures transform Campus

Optimal management and control of Campus lighting

User-friendly Sustainder GRIP platform for flexible customization

How we help the customer

Campus, part of the Municipality of Eemsdelta, has been shining with Sustainder’s smart and sustainable Aspira luminaires since 2022. This brand new complex not only has a modern look, but also uses advanced lighting technology. The municipality can proudly state that the public lighting can be remotely managed and controlled with the Sustainder GRIP platform, combining optimal functionality with cost efficiency.


Supervisor Infra at Eemsdelta Municipality highlights the added benefit of the smart Aspira fixtures, which not only provide cost savings but also enable more efficient operations. With the GRIP platform, all connected fixtures can be easily configured and optimized, offering a user-friendly and flexible approach. During events on the Campus grounds, lighting can be effortlessly adjusted, and in emergency situations, the smart fixtures provide the ability to communicate with schoolchildren and citizens by increasing the light intensity. The combination of quality fixtures, user-friendly applications and energy savings makes Campus an example of modern, sustainable street lighting.

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