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F35 Bicycle highway

Smart lighting for the F35 bicycle highway

Motion sensors for optimal use

80% energy savings for municipality of Almelo, Hengelo, and Enschede

Traffic analyses for improved bicycle infrastructure

How we help the customer

The F35 bicycle highway, which connects Nijverdal to the German border via Almelo, Hengelo, and Enschede, underwent an innovative change with smart lighting. The municipalities of Almelo, Hengelo, and Enschede aimed to provide users of the 20-km-long bike path with the right lighting comfortably. The luminaires are equipped with motion sensors, so the lighting moves with the passers-by and dims to 10% when there are no cyclists. This saves the municipalities over 80% in energy consumption while maintaining social and traffic safety. In addition, the sensors are used for traffic analysis to map the use of different sections of the bicycle highway.


The implementation of smart lighting along the F35 bicycle highway has not only resulted in significant energy savings for the municipalities Almelo, Hengelo, and Enschede, but has also optimized the cycling experience. With motion sensors that adjust lighting according to the presence of cyclists, the path is both efficient and safe. The municipalities can be proud of their sustainable contribution to the environment while enhancing social cohesion and road safety on the bicycle highway.

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