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Futureproof Lighting Transforms Central Park of Pchery (CZ)

Futureproof lighting for forward-thinking town

Grip platform enables remote management and custom dimming 

Anne luminaires with conical design poles 

Strategic fiber optic cables for future safety enhancements 

How we help the customer

Pchery, near Prague, aspires to be a technological beacon for the next 20-25 years. Collaborating with the mayor, Sustainder created a light point using 8 smart Alexia luminaires. Integrated with the Grip platform, the solution offers real-time light control and a customized dimming scheme. Anne luminaires with conical design poles elevate the park’s aesthetics, and strategically laid fiber optic cables pave the way for future safety enhancements. 


The visionary approach transformed Pchery’s central park into a symbol of futureproof urban planning. Real-time adjustments via the Grip platform cater to evolving needs, while the Anne luminaires contribute to an inviting atmosphere. The proactive installation of fiber optic cables sets the stage for future safety measures, solidifying Pchery’s position as a town that seamlessly blends innovation, aesthetics, and security. 

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