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Municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht Saves 550 MWh per Year

4,700 luminaires will be replaced

550 MWh of energy savings per year

CO2 reduction of 360 tons per year

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Municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht is striving for sustainability and efficiency with the replacement of 4,700 luminaires with Sustainder LED luminaires. At an early stage, the municipality proactively completed our Energy Scan and was immediately convinced of the potential of the Sustainder luminaires.

With energy savings of 550 MWh per year, comparable to the energy consumption of 230 households, and a CO2 reduction of 360 tons per year, equivalent to 14,500 trees planted, the municipality is taking a big step towards a greener future. In addition, the new infrastructure provides a smart, remotely managed system for optimal light use and minimal environmental impact.

“With today’s energy prices, we think it’s important as a municipality to make smart savings,” said Sustainability Councilman Ralph Lafleur.


The switch to smart luminaires offers Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht significant benefits. Thanks to remotely controlled luminaires, dimming profiles can be adjusted per district, resulting in more than 85% energy savings. In addition, the smart luminaires automatically report any defects, allowing repairs to be carried out efficiently. René van de Ven, CEO of Sustainder, is pleased with the collaboration, “This project shows what we can achieve together for a more sustainable future.”

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