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Municipality of Midden-Groningen

Smart and durable Anne luminaires with integrated observer cameras

Camera security for public safety and illegal waste dumping

Accessible and cost-effective integration with Sustainder

How we help the customer

In Siddeburen, part of the Municipality of Midden-Groningen, a residential area has been shining with Sustainder’s smart and sustainable Anne fixtures since 2021. Recently, the municipality took an innovative step by adding the Observer cassettes with an integrated outdoor camera solution during the installation of new fixtures. The Observer, developed in collaboration with partner Axis Communications, provides an approachable and cost-effective way to integrate camera security into the public lighting network.


The Municipality of Midden-Groningen is deploying Observer cameras to combat illegal waste dumping and improve overall security in public spaces. This mobile camera solution can be flexibly placed on any Sustainder fixture in the outdoor area, allowing for additional surveillance of areas during certain periods or at specific times. The integrated Observer cassettes not only provide an additional layer of security, but also utilize existing infrastructure, which is cost-effective. With this innovative approach, the Municipality of Midden-Groningen reinforces its commitment to a safe and sustainable living environment.

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