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N737 (NL)

Use of advanced Listeners to analyze traffic.

Integration with iVRI’s (traffic lights) to improve traffic flow.

In collaboration with several partners, such as Strukton and Sorama.

How we help the customer

The province of Overijssel wants the N737 to be the paragon of a technical and sustainable ingenuity. The interventions must lead to a safe and smart road. The goals are to improve safety, quality, and traffic flow.

To make the road smart and adaptive, Sustainder uses luminaires of the Alexia type. The advanced sound cameras from Sorama will be integrated into the luminaires. With the help of artificial intelligence, the sound cameras categorize and localize the exact location and speed of approaching cars so that the intelligent traffic lights (iVRI’s) can improve traffic flow. The sound cameras can additionally recognize accidents and incidents and communicate with the iVRI and the control room. The optional video functionality turns on when the sensors detect an unusual situation. The app communicates with road users and the iVRI and vice versa.


With these innovative solutions, we will be able to improve public safety by quickly detecting accidents and taking rapid actions. By measuring different environmental aspects with the smart sensors, we contribute to a sustainable and healthy society.

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