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Revolution in Public Lighting: The Sustainable Transformation in Zundert

More than 3,000 luminaires replaced with highly efficient Alexia and Anne models

Impressive energy savings of 53%

Annual savings of 329 MWh and 183 tons of CO2 emissions

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In 2020, the municipality of Zundert embarked on a journey to improve its public lighting infrastructure, starting with the replacement of 3003 luminaires. Among these luminaires were historic luminaires dating back to 1960, known for their durability but notorious for their high energy consumption. To introduce intelligent lighting, the city council chose Sustainder’s innovative solutions.

Sustainder’s luminaires not only illuminate streets but also serve as vigilant sentinels, detecting problems such as lamp failure, misaligned fixtures or damaged poles, thanks to their smart monitoring capabilities. In addition, the remote-controlled functionality minimizes light pollution and disruption, ensuring an optimal lighting environment for residents and minimizing operational costs for the municipality.


Over the past four years, Zundert has seen a remarkable transformation in its public lighting landscape. With 53% energy savings, equivalent to 329 MWh per year, and a significant reduction of 183 tons of CO2 emissions, the municipality has not only embraced sustainability, but also paved the way for a brighter, greener future. In addition, the switch to luminaires from Sustainder has resulted in significant maintenance cost savings, as the new luminaires require minimal maintenance, contributing to long-term efficiency and sustainability goals.

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