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Rotterdam (NL)

Breaking & entry detection.

Combination of Observers and Listeners.

Event recognition using image and sound.

How we help the customer

Domestic burglaries and robberies are a problem in Rotterdam. At the Dantestraat in the Rotterdam district of Lombardijen, a field lab has been set up in the battle against domestic burglaries. It’s an initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Security. In the field lab, Sustainder’s Anne luminaires, which will be provided with  Munisense microphones and  video cameras, will be used as ‘the city’s eyes and ears’.


Sustainder’s Anne luminaires will be provided with Munisense microphones. Suspicious sounds in the vicinity can be detected and recognized. Conversations are not recorded, but ordinary situations are separated from situations of threat or danger. As soon as a sound that indicates an unsafe situation – for example glass breaking, or people arguing – is detected, the different cameras in the vicinity of the microphone will switch on to check if something is wrong. Because the cameras will be connected to the lighting, the lighting switches on and the lamps at the location in question light up more brightly. The sensors sound the alarm. Suspicious movements and behaviour are noticed at an early stage and local residents and passers-by are alerted to the unsafe situation.

This application can help prevent burglaries and enable more success in arresting suspects. This in turn contributes to an improved sense of security in the neighbourhood. The first results of the trial are expected in the autumn. If successful, the Sustainder application will be used on the street.

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