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Smart Energy Solutions Maximize Savings at Renovated Sports Complex in Kladno (CZ)

87 smart Alexia luminaires transform kladno 

75% energy savings on the utility bill 

Dynamic lighting adjustments for optimal visibility 

Sustainable contribution to the stadium and community 

How we help the customer

The recently renovated Kladno City Stadium ‘Sletiště‘ shines bright with 87 smart Alexia luminaires from Sustainder. Directly connected to the street lighting network, these luminaires not only provide optimal illumination but also achieve impressive energy savings. Thanks to dynamic adjustments in lighting, the stadium maintains optimal visibility, enhances safety, and reduces operational costs. A smart and sustainable choice aligning with Kladno’s vision for sports facilities and energy efficiency. 


With a 75% reduction in energy consumption on the utility bill, Kladno City Stadium ‘Sletiště‘ has not only undergone a sustainable transformation but has also realized significant cost reductions. The strategic placement of the Alexia luminaires within the complex not only delivers efficient lighting but also contributes to a greener and more environmentally conscious community. Kladno showcases leadership in smart city lighting, presenting an impressive case study of successful innovation and sustainability.

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