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Wereldkaart zoom NL

Woensdrecht (NL)

300+ Anne luminaires with motion detection.

Reduced light polution in Natura 2000 areas.

Improved safety for high school students.

How we help the customer

Woensdrecht Municipality aims to be the living lab in West-Brabant with the smart lighting on the cycle path. In addition to safety for the cyclists, the Municipality aims to reduce light pollution in nature. Woensdrecht has an area of protected nature there which is covered by Natura 2000 legislation. Nocturnal lighting can disturb nature, for example birds during breeding season. The smart Sustainder luminaires prevent that from happening.

Every day, thousands of students cycle along the Antwerpsestraat between Hoogerheide and Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands). Until recently, the cycle path was unlit and that led to unsafe situations in the winter. Woensdrecht Municipality decided to use dynamic lighting on this cycle path, and also on some other cycle paths and roads in the municipality, to resolve any doubts about safety. The dynamic lighting consists of luminaires which light up automatically when cyclists pass by. Once the cyclist has passed, the lighting dims again. This contributes not only to safety but saves energy too.


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