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How can you get the most reliable luminaires?

How can you get the most reliable luminaires?

The Sustainder concept

Modular cassettes

Our modular cassette system makes it possible to use your public lighting infrastructure as location for sensors and communication.

Open platform

We believe in fully open technology to enable the city of the future:

  • Open hardware (24V / 230V)
  • Open API
  • Open standards
Plug & play

The cassette, including electronics, makes installation and maintenance very easy:

  • No tooling required
  • Quick cassette replacements
  • Automatic error reporting and configuration

Dutch design

Sustainder luminaires are cleverly designed. All our luminaires incorporate a range of basic sensors to measure position, movement, ambient light and power consumption. This integration of intelligent features into the luminaire makes installation, control and maintenance much more efficient and effective. For example, each luminaire can be remotely configured to the requirements of the environment, such as light pollution reduction and/or light obstruction. Malfunctions and failures are also immediately detected and reported.


Using our in-house developed GRIP platform, you can quickly and easily configure and manage your luminaires.

1 View product data
2 Configure & adjust light settings temporarily
3 Set dimming schemes
4 Receive sensor data

Proactive warning messages

As all our luminaires are connected and fitted with multiple sensors, our GRIP platform proactively sends alerts if, for example, a luminaire is tilted.

Situation on the ground


GRIP platform


Calculate how much energy you can save

We want to show you how much energy can be saved in your region by transforming public lighting with Sustainder luminaires.

Based on global data for your region and our 100,000+ active smart luminaires, we will perform a detailed scan within 2 minutes to show you how much energy you can save with Sustainder luminaires that are standard equipped with the ‘Watchlight’ smart dimming scheme.

Perform the energyscan

Energy scan

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Maximum energy and CO₂ reduction