Introducing Alexia, a new future-proof luminaire

Sustainder, manufacturer of smart street lighting solutions, is to introduce a second smart luminaire system following successful tests in the Netherlands and Germany. Called Alexia, the new luminaire employs the same clever cassette system that is unique to Sustainder luminaires. While the Alexia comes equipped as standard with a range of sensors that contribute to easier installation, low maintenance costs and a long lifetime, the cassette concept makes it easy to extend the unit’s capabilities with new technologies in the future.

Sustainder’s second luminaire

Alexia is the second future-proof product to be offered by Sustainder, following the introduction of the Anne luminaire system. Both the Alexia and the Anne can be fitted with sensors to gather data from the surrounding environment. This data can be used to monitor and improve health and safety, for example.

Sustainder Introductie Alexia 1

The Alexia differs from the Anne in that it has been primarily developed for use on busy through routes, while the latter, with its four independently adjustable segments, is intended for illuminating squares and streets, with light levels tailored to local requirements. Both units feature dimmable, energy saving LED technology and so contribute to lower energy bills and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Sustainder is now developing a third smart luminaire to meet the growing market demand. Sustainder further guarantees fast delivery times and customer-focused flexibility, and both luminaires are produced in Europe, at Sustainder’s smart factory in Emmen, the Netherlands.

Cassette Alexia

Smart cassette system

Sustainder is the first company to offer luminaires for public lighting that are equipped as standard with sensors for measuring position, angle, movement, ambient light and energy consumption. And thanks to their simple cassette concept, the units are easy to expand with a range of additional sensors, up to and including serving as full smart city hubs. “Municipal authorities want to replace their lighting systems with future-proof products, but often don’t yet know just what smart city applications their services will require. Our cassette concept enables them to do this, and means there is no reason to delay when you can have smart lighting now, with the flexibility to easily expand your network’s capabilities in the future,” says Sustainder CEO Niek de Jong.

German Design Award 2018

The introduction of Alexia and its early sales success in the Netherlands and Germany, has earned the innovative design an immediate nomination for the German Design Award 2018. This leading international prize is awarded to innovative products, manufacturers and designers. The winners will be decided by the Rat für Formgebung, the authority in the field of good design, at the end of October.