Less nuisance due to smart lamp post with sound camera 

A fight can get ugly real fast. Something starts off with some pushing and pulling and hop-scotch it becomes extremely violent. For that reason, it’s key to be on site quickly and prevent further problems. The smart lamp post with sound camera helps doing so. 

A safe, habitable public space is in all our interests. Smart, connected technology will help achieve that, serving as the eyes and ears of the public space. The inclusion of Sorama’s advanced sound cameras in Sustainder’s smart luminaires is a prime example of good practice. Using artificial intelligence, the combined sensors connect environmental data such as sound, image and location and prevent incidents and limit nuisance. This way, the sound camera enables the smart luminaire to detect a street fight, which will make it shine stronger straightaway and pass on the exact location to the relevant emergency services. 

Infographic Smart Outdoor Fight En

How does it work?

All Sustainder luminaires are modularly constructed thanks to the unique cassette and by default contain sensors that enable measuring, among other things, position, movement, ambient light and use. By collaborating with Sonama, sound detection has been added to the equation. The sound camera is equipped with small microphones which make the sound and vibrations of products visible. This way it is becomes exactly clear which thing or person is causing the sound. 


  • Aggression detection by monitoring type and location of sound on the street.
  • Next to aggression also automatic detection of (car) alarms, gun shots/explosions and breaking glass.
  • Securing properties, both public and private.
  • Controlling ambient sound and focused monitoring and tackling of (local) noise nuisance.
  • Sensors and artificial intelligence provide insight into what is occurring out on the streets or in a complete city.
  • Light aimed at where it is needed thanks to Sustainder’s dynamic led-lighting. 


  • A safe and habitable living environment.
  • Shorter response time emergency services in case of accidents and incidents.
  • Sustainder’s luminaire as smart city hub; can be expanded with other sensors of your choice.
  • Improving public safety during big events.
  • Incorporated invisibly into luminaire, no ‘cluttering’ of public space
  • Sustainable led-lighting, can be remotely controlled.
  • Linked to back-end.

We believe: it begins with light

Smart cities and a sustainable society are the result of smart partnerships and co-creation in an open architecture. The widespread lighting network combined with the unique cassette and modular construction make Sustainder’s luminaires particularly suited to connect different techniques and sensors. Collaborating with Sorama is, once again, an excellent example of this. 

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