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If there is one trend that has consistently shown itself in the past few decades, it is the ever-growing need for bandwidth. And that will not diminish in the coming years. Sustainder has a unique cassette system with which it will most likely be possible in the future to easily install 5G small cells or WiFi in the luminaires. Only by changing the cassette.

Modular cassette system

From sensors to communication.

Open technology

Our technology, data and standards are open.

Simple and smart

Maintenance and installation without tools.

The increasing use of cloud computing and data-intensive applications such as video conferencing creates an unprecedented demand for stable and qualitative connectivity. In Western Europe alone, business data traffic is expected to increase by 21% year-on-year by 2024. This is due, among other things, to the further growth of smart city applications and other large-scale Internet of Things applications.

The cassette system from Sustainder is also suitable for placing 5G small cells. This will enable the 5G network to be improved in busy city centres and in the outskirts. WiFi hotspots are also possible.

Municipalities as customers
Smart city hubs
Active in 12+ countries
Average energy
and CO₂ reduction