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Everyone wants to breathe clean air, live in a nice neighbourhood, enjoy beautiful nature, work in a pleasant workplace, travel safely from A to B and return home healthy at the end of the day. For a long time now, a ‘Health‘ movement has been taking place in society, striving for the most healthy lifestyle possible. Healthier eating, more exercise and more conscious living also include healthy living, working and moving around in a public space with clean air.

Modular cassette system

From sensors to communication.

Open technology

Our technology, data and standards are open.

Simple and smart

Maintenance and installation without tools.

It starts with light

Sustainder’s air quality cassette (Sniffer) provides easy and affordable insight into the local air quality in your municipality or city. By placing the ‘Sniffer’ in multiple locations in the public lighting network, a fine-meshed and accurate picture of the air quality can be obtained.

Municipalities as customers
Smart city hubs
Active in 12+ countries
Average energy and CO₂ reduction