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Who are we

We are a young, innovative and fast-growing company, playing a crucial role in the energy transition. We do this by transforming public lighting into smart, energy-efficient and future-proof infrastructure. We develop, manufacture and supply luminaires & smart city services to governments & companies and operate in 10 European countries. In addition, our company has a rich history as a former Philips luminaire factory.

How can we be beneficial for your business? Read on to find out.

Why choose Sustainder?


Additional recurring revenues from connected luminaires.


Potential up-sell from smart city solutions: now and in the future.


Launch new business models through smart city services.

Our luminaires

Our smart tailor-made lighting for outdoors contributes to greater comfort, safety and high energy savings.


The smartest traditional luminaire of the Netherlands

The perfect solutions against light pollution

The smartest roadside luminaire with style

Unique modular cassettes

Are your customers looking for effective solutions for local challenges such as monitoring car-free zones or measuring real-time air quality?

1 Our modular cassette system enables the use of public lighting infrastructure as a location for sensors and communications.
2 The open architecture allows the luminaires to connect to any back-office system via an API. This in turn supports remote monitoring and control.
3 The cassette, including electronics, makes installation and maintenance very simple with no tools required.

Become a sales partner

As Sustainder we offer the most complete solution at the most competitive price.

Fueling the global energy transition and transforming public lighting into a modular, future-proof smart city backbone is no small ambition. We’re now looking to partner with you, having achieved significant success in the Netherlands, Germany, and 10 other countries. With your sector network and local insights, let’s make a global impact together.

Be the unique and innovative partner for your customers!

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What clients say about us

Contractor Heijmans

“Sustainder’s luminaires have proven to be a valuable asset for Heijmans, facilitating seamless installation and configuration while consistently delivering reliability and efficiency across our diverse projects in the Netherlands.”

Sales partner Ahlsell

Ahlsell is the distributor of Sustainder in the Nordic markets. The region is a frontrunner in the smart energy transition, and at the same time has attention for lighting pollution.

“Ahlsell values our joint commitment to innovation and sustainability. We offer advanced lighting solutions to local governments, promoting energy efficiency and contributing to a greener future.”

Municipality of Zaltbommel (NL)

“Sustainder’s transformative luminaires have been instrumental for our municipality, delivering exceptional energy savings and enhancing the safety and aesthetics of our public spaces through their commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

Reselling partner Urban Design Czech Republic

“With the help of Sustainder intelligent lighting, we are not only reducing our energy bills in the Czech Republic, but also building the capacity to mature as a digital service provider to improve our public service to our citizens”.

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