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Who are we

We are a young, innovative and fast-growing company, playing a crucial role in the energy transition. We do this by transforming public lighting into smart, energy-efficient and future-proof infrastructure. We develop, manufacture and supply luminaires & smart city services to governments & companies and operate in 10 European countries. In addition, our company has a rich history as a former Philips luminaire factory.

Curious how much energy your region can save each year and become future-proof at the same time? Read on to find out how.

Our luminaires

Our smart tailor-made lighting for outdoors contributes to greater comfort, safety and high energy savings.


The smartest traditional luminaire of the Netherlands

The perfect solutions against light pollution

The smartest roadside luminaire with style

Unique modular cassettes

Are you looking for effective solutions for local challenges such as monitoring car-free zones or measuring real-time air quality?

1 Our modular cassette system enables the use of public lighting infrastructure as a location for sensors and communications.
2 The open architecture allows the luminaires to connect to any back-office system via an API. This in turn supports remote monitoring and control.
3 The cassette, including electronics, makes installation and maintenance very simple with no tools required.

Why choose Sustainder?


With our luminaires, you can save up to 91% with smart lighting included as standard.


All luminaires are always connected šŸŒ for real-time lighting control and sensor information.


Be future-proof with a modular and smart infrastructure

Calculate how much energy you can save

We want to show you how much energy can be saved in your region by transforming public lighting with Sustainder luminaires.

Based on global data for your region and our 100,000+ active smart luminaires, we will perform a detailed scan within 2 minutes to show you how much energy you can save with Sustainder luminaires that are standard equipped with the ‘Watchlight’ smart dimming scheme.

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What clients say about us

Rubi (ESP)

“Sustainder’s smart cassettes provided our municipality with effective solutions for local challenges. Next to saving 80% on our public lighting energy bill, we implemented the Sustainder ‘Listener’ cassettes to monitor car-free zones and the ‘Sniffer’ cassettes near schools to monitor real-time air quality. We are proud to contribute to an energy-efficient and future-proof public domain for current and future generations.”

Rotterdam (NL)

“Sustainder’s technology, combining it with smart cassettes such as microphones and cameras, enhances security in the city of Rotterdam by effectively detecting and responding to potential threats, contributing to a safer community. The city showcases its commitment to public safety by preventing robberies & burglaries through the implementation of cutting-edge solutions.

Plƶn (DE)

“Sustainder’s Alexia luminaires, with 7,000 lumens, revolutionized street lighting in our city, showcasing future-proof technology. Plƶn’s forward-looking initiative upgraded street lighting with a commitment to long-term sustainability, opting for Alexia luminaires that meet current LED & sustainability needs and position the city for potential smart city applications.”

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