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Shedding Light on Urban Design's (CZ) Partnership

Shedding Light on Urban Design's (CZ) Partnership

Leading the Way in Public Lighting

“For over 20 years in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics, Bedrich Quadrat, has been lighting up spaces with precision and expertise, first working for Indal group and also Philips Lighting now the co-owner of Urban Design.


Discovering Sustainder: a game changer

Back in 2017, Urban Design paths crossed with Sustainder, and it was a game-changer. Their modular sensorics cassette caught our eye. While some may see their lighting products as standard, Sustainder’s software and sensorics are top-notch – a true mark of their commitment to excellence. 

A shared history, a bright future

Our history with Sustainder traces back to 2006 when both were part of the Indal group. Discovering Sustainder’s unique modular cassette was a turning point for us in tender applications.

“Sustainder’s responsiveness and problem-solving approach set them apart,” I emphasize. Their ability to address challenges head-on, along with efficient deliveries and a genuine customer focus, made them our go-to partner. Our collaboration with Sustainder is more than a partnership; it’s a strategic advantage.


Efficiency and innovation at its best

With Sustainder luminaires, we achieve up to 95% energy savings. Their luminaires can dim to a level competitors can only dream of, thanks to their smart dimming scheme called ‘Watch light’. This not only saves costs but also contributes to a greener environment.

Putting sustainability in the spotlight

Installing Sustainder luminaires isn’t just about lighting; it’s about creating a sustainable future for municipalities. With their innovative technology and energy-saving capabilities, municipalities are laying the groundwork for a sustainable and efficient lighting system.

But the partnership with Sustainder offers even more than meets the eye. Like us, if you have a broad network within the public sector or public space, it can unlock incredible opportunities as a Sustainder sales partner.


Sustainder’s unique portfolio

Sustainder’s unique portfolio covers public lighting from A to Z with its unique modular cassettes and smart services. From luminaires to smart cassettes and the proprietary GRIP platform for easy monitoring, Sustainder empowers sales partners to make a difference in their region.

A vision for tomorrow

Moreover, becoming a Sales Partner of Sustainder comes with enticing financial incentives. Not only do you benefit financially, but you also assist municipalities in reducing their energy bills significantly. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Looking ahead, Urban Design is poised to lead in SMART-connected lighting and digitalization. Our collaboration with Sustainder is fundamental to achieving these ambitious goals.

Our journey with Sustainder transcends business; it’s a shared vision filled with innovation and purpose. Together, Sustainder and Urban Design are illuminating the path to a brighter, more sustainable future in public lighting.