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How do you achieve the highest energy savings?

How do you achieve the highest energy savings?

Where others stop, Sustainder goes further

Using Sustainder Smart lighting, up to 91% energy savings can be achieved while ensuring safety.

0 Typical savings of LED vs. conventional lighting ~40%
1 A standard dimming scheme saves another 28%
2 Sustainder's Watchlight dimming scheme, saves up to 65% energy
3 We offer integrated motion sensors for rural areas & cycle paths, to achieve savings up to 85%
T The total savings potential is therefore 91% in comparison with conventional lighting

Clients already saving on their energy bill


With 8,157 replaced & connected luminaires, the municipality of Hengelo project achieved significant results, including a yearly OPEX saving of €31k and a substantial energy reduction of 437MWh. Seeking energy efficiency and real-time insights, the municipality transitioned to smart LED lighting. Our smart lighting not only fulfilled these needs but also allowed seamless integration with a Light Management System of the customer’s choice through our open API.

Smart Energy Solutions Maximize Savings at Renovated Sports Complex in Kladno (CZ)

Kladno City Stadium ‘Sletiště’ achieved a sustainable transformation with smart Alexia luminaires from Sustainder, delivering optimal illumination and a remarkable 75% energy reduction. Connected directly to the street lighting network, these luminaires not only enhance safety and visibility through dynamic lighting adjustments but also contribute to significant cost savings.

F35 Bicycle highway

The F35 cycling highway, close to the German border, experienced a transformative shift with smart lighting. Equipped with motion sensors, the luminaires dynamically adjust to cyclists, dimming to 10% in the absence of riders, resulting in an impressive 80% energy savings for 3 municipalities while maintaining social and traffic safety. Additionally, these sensors facilitate traffic analyses, optimizing the use of various sections of the cycling highway.

Average savings of a municipality

On the left you see how much reduction on several levels a municipality can save when replacing 4717 luminaires with Sustainder luminaires.

  1. Assuming an average consumption of 2,400 kWh per household per year.
  2. CO2 reduction assuming Dutch grey electricity.
  3. Assuming 25 kg CO2 uptake per year.
  4. Assuming €0.24 per kWh.

Calculate how much energy you can save

We want to show you how much energy can be saved in your region by transforming public lighting with Sustainder luminaires.

Based on global data for your region and our 100,000+ active smart luminaires, we will perform a detailed scan within 2 minutes to show you how much energy you can save with Sustainder luminaires that are standard equipped with the ‘Watchlight’ smart dimming scheme.

Perform the energyscan

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